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Walt Disney World Main Street Station

One of my (more ambitious) projects that I hope to make more progress on this winter is a 1:29 scale model of the the Walt Disney World Railroad Main Street Station.

The station has always fascinated me since I was young. With it's a classic victorian architecture it's just a beautiful building. Nothing exists similar to it that I can find in G-Scale. However, Disney does offer an "HO" scale model of the station. Although I'd argue it appears to be more like "O" than "HO". If you're interested you can search on Ebay for "Main Street Station". You should be able to get it for around $20.

I have most of the station drawn in Autocad. The next steps are to transfer the 2D drawings to a 3D solid model. I plan on using Autodesk Inventor to model the parts. This will help me to make sure everything aligns and fits before I commit the wood to burning. The parts will mostly be laser cut.

Here is link to a pdf of the Autocad drawing. WDW MainStreet Ver 01.pdf

This areial shot was pilfered from google earth. From this I was able to guesstimate the size of the platform to be about 195 feet long. In 1:29 scale this equates to a total size of 80" long by 33" deep, including the front glass covered porch.

Check back soon as I'll be adding more photo's and details as the research and model building progresses.

I do have an album of photo's I've taken of the station. Online they are all 640x480 but if you are interested in the larger sizes just shoot me an email.

Last Updated: Friday, 18-Nov-2011 10:55:16 MST