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      Main Street Station

Phase I - Initial Construction

The current railroad was started in the fall of '05. The landscaping was completed by the following July. Even though I knew from the moment the first train was run that I was going to have to expand, I at least waited a year before doing so.(at least I bought most of the track before the price increases!)

Phase II - Current Expansion Project
Bushkil & Northern - Phase II
(It's a pdf for now. When I get a chance I'll convert it to an image file that look's half-way decent.)

The new expansion will allow for multiple trains and longer runs. It's essentially two separate loops with a connector and a yard. The yard adds much needed space for setup and staging, not to mention adding interest. The connector will definitly add interest when it comes to the controls and signals.

I use Autocad for the design and laying out of the track. I've created a few autocad blocks to help me create the layout. Feel free to copy them if you need to.
    Aristocraft #6 Switch
    Aristocraft Wide Radius Switch
    Aristocraft 20' Dia Curve Section
    Aristocraft 16.5' Dia Curve Section

    Download TrackBlocksRev00.dwg

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